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Knutzen Farms Potatoes

Knutzen Farms is obsessed with quality and takes pride in the product we pack. Look for our product in our private labels of “Chuckanut Valley”, “Naturally Healthy” and “Highland View”. For additional questions or requests please contact Dan or Kristi in sales.

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Knutzen Farms grows and packs consistently premium quality red, white and yellow potatoes from our farm locations in the verdant Skagit Valley. We are obsessed with quality and take pride in the product we produce. Knutzen Farms packs under several different labels, in a variety of sizes. Our labels are Chuckanut Valley, Naturally Healthy, Highland View, Red Barn, Country Harvest and Barn Stormer. We have the ability to pack under numerous private labels as well. Please call for more information: 360-757-6771

Sizes we pack:
Bulk: 50 lb. cartons, 50 lb. bags
Consumer packs/bags: 15 lb., 10 lb., 5 lb., 3 lb., 1.5 lb.

How to buy our products:
Our potatoes are sold at the nation’s best grocery retail stores and are made available at produce markets throughout the United States to be plated at some of the country’s finest restaurants.

A limited number of potatoes are available directly from the farm during harvest season. Call the farm for availability.

OUR LABELS Current Packaging
Chuckanut Valley Premium U.S. #1 50lb ctn.
Naturally Healthy Premium U.S. #1 50lb ctn. and 5lb poly bags
Highland View Second Label U.S. #1 50lb ctn.
Western Washington U.S. #1 & U.S. #2 50lb ctn. & 15lb #2 poly bags
Country Harvest 50lb paper bags
Knutzen Farms U.S. #2 50lb paper bag

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Skagit Red PotatoGet the skinny on America’s favorite vegetable:

Potatoes aren’t just good; they’re good for you.

Just check the label. America’s favorite vegetable is naturally fat free, only 100 calories, rich in vitamin C and potassium and a good source of fiber. No wonder leading nutrition experts like Harvard Medical School’s Dr. George L. Blackburn and Registered Dietitian Ann M. Coulston, past president of the American Dietetic Association, recommend potatoes as part of a healthy, balanced diet.